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| TOP THINGS IN 2013 |


☆ BOURNEMOUTH - After completing my final uni exam also with Liam & I’s 2nd anniversary approaching we decided to take a 3 day break to relax with the most needed - fish & chips by the pier.
☆ GRADUATION! - The day has finally arrived, I’am finally a graduate. The only thing I’ll ever miss was the freedom and the people who I shared it with.
☆ ATTACK ON TITAN - I have stopped watching anime for a long long long time, the only ones I’ve come close to watching was the old 90ish series, such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Beyblade. Liam introduced me to this series with some clips. Overall it made me reclaim everything that I loved about anime from the beginning.
☆ MUUBAA - Getting a job in a fashion industry was an accident, which turned out to be enjoyable. I’m planning to continue to work as a Production Assistant for a while until I’m ready to move forward. God knows what it’ll be, but it’s all coming together.
☆ SICILY, ITALY - We went to Sicily for a 10 night vacation on September. We stayed in a medieval city where Mount Etna was located. This was the first time we encountered no tourists. The food was beyond great, the gelato was to die for, home made wine is a must and our long mountain adventure trek to Toarmina.
☆ 2014 - Get a job with a better salary, be more creative, do a freelance design job, SAVE UP BIG!, go somewhere in Asia for the next holiday and get into my summer shorts again.

Sarah Piddington Design


My new design portfolio, still under construction.

| TOP THINGS IN 2012 |


@Luxor, Egypt - Liam and I exploring the temples.

☆ 3RD YEAR OF UNI - Thank god all the blood, sweat and tears. Can’t wait to get out of uni.
☆ SLR Canon 1100D - Liam got it for me as a birthday gift for my 23rd. It was the best present I’ve ever received.
☆ BIGBANG CONCERT - Finally get to see them LIVE!
☆ XMAS GRAND BALL - Last ball for the 3rd Years.
- A late summer vacation on December for 7 nights. Got to explore both Sharm and Luxor. So much history and love here.
☆ 2013 - Pass my degree, get a decent job, start saving BIG.

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| Last Freedom Before Final Exams! ~ 06 | 04 | 13 |


So my last freedom and money spend before I get really ‘serious’ on my final exams. Procrastinating all the way.
Afternoon Liam and I went to our usual routine in going to central London and fill our food bellies. Our first stop was at Starbucks with the usual caramel macchiato, while also searching for some city breaks on his iPad. We stopped at Chinatown to order some delicious pork buns from the food stand.

image@Notes - Red Velvet Cake & Latte

It didn’t take too long when we stop at Notes for another coffee break. We ordered some red velvet cake, bread & olive oil and 2 lattes. We also noticed some peeps carrying pillows, which was apparently on the daily mail called World Pillow Fight Day, which am not sure was the point, but if you live in London it wouldn’t be a surprise haha.
We took our time to explore some shops in Oxford Circus after feeling hungry again from all the walking.. dear god we got to stop this.

image@ Assa - Dukboki, Seafood Kimchi Pancake and Bibimba

Evening I felt something like a hotpot or Korean so we decided to go to our favourite Korean restaurant at around 8pm. We ordered the same thing we usually do, but less; Dukboki, Seafood Kimchi Pancake and Bibimba. We didn’t feel like bubble tea (surprisingly) so we stopped at the anime store and buy some Japanese sweets after calling it a day! *sigh* it was all great till’ I realise I needed to get my gear on track on these finals. Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!

I think you’re crazy.

ABC Food | Survey

A: is for Apple, what is your favorite variety?
Pink Lady and Red Apples.

B: is for Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?
French Baguette, Ciabatta and Danish Bread.

C: is for Cereal what is your favorite kind currently (just one pick)

D: is for Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy?

E: is for Eggs, how would you like yours prepared?

F: is for Fat free, what is your favorite fat free product?
Green Tea and Blueberries.

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