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| Italy Diary ~ 17-27Sep13 |


Day 1 | 17/13
Instead of the touristy areas like Rome, Venice we decided to go somewhere more cultural and vibrant in Italy. Liam has always wanted to see Sicily, because of his Godfather inspiration and not to mention how beautiful it is. 
Morning/Afternoon we arrived at Heathrow at around 5am, we didn’t have much time to relax, so we got some latte and a ham & cheese croissant to bring on the plane. Our flight left around 7am, we stopped at Florence to catch another plane then arrived 11am at Catania Airport. When we arrived we had to use as much of our instincts to get to our hotel, we firstly took a bus then a train to Toarmina and finally a taxi. Our hotel was located in a beautiful and small medieval city called Castiglione de Sicilia near Mount Etna. Our room was like a cosy little bungalow, because the rooms were located outside rather then in.
Evening we decided to eat in a nice restaurant called Ristorante Sine Tempore which is very known to tourists and their homemade red wine. We ordered a typical Italian starter which contained 12 appetizers and seafood linguine for main.


Day 2 | 18/13
Morning we went downstairs for breakfast where the owner prepared daily fresh croissants, bread, cheese, hams, cereals and much more. After we went to the local food shops and walked right at the top where the cathedral was located and upon looking of the view of the mountains.
Afternoon we had our first gelato in a nice cafe place called Caffetteria Guglielmo. The owner was super friendly and he became our favourite person here. We had lunch outside in the sun at La dispensa dell’etna. I ordered a nice pasta dish topped with cheese and tomatoes and a hazelnut cake for dessert. 
Evening we went to get dinner at Baggio. We ordered a large chicken supreme pizza and a box of chips/hotdog and we took it back to ours.


Day 3 | 19/13
Morning we decided to go out of town to visit Toarmina. Considering there were no buses running in our area, we walked a mountain trek towards the next town, which took roughly 2 hours (we were also the only people that were nuts to do that). However we preferred that, since we’ve explored the fruits that grew in the vineyards and the abandoned ruins. We managed to catch the bus on time when we arrived to the next town.
Afternoon we’ve arrived at Toarmina. The city for tourists and I understand why, the place is full of shops, food and culture. We stopped first to get some gelato then some lunch at La Cisterna del Moro with a open view of the sea. We ordered seafood risotto, large meaty pizza and a side salad to share. Afterwards we toured some more till’ we were beat.
Evening we left around 6pm, but when we arrived we realised it would’ve been too dark to climb up the mountains, so we asked the cafe owner to call us a taxi. Without the friendly locals to help us we would’ve been sleeping somewhere else, one of the best memories I’ll take home.


Day 4 | 20/13
Today we didn’t feel like doing anything but casually lounge around in our room playing games (thank god for BigFish). In the evening we had another mischievous takeaway to end the night.

Day 5 | 21/13
Morning we decided to make our own breakfast, we bought a fresh baguette, handful of cheese & salami and a box of olives, and ate it outside our balcony table. After we made our way to the local cafe and sipped on some cappuccino. We went up the hills again to admire the view and we decided to go into the souvenir shop located up there. The food and wines were all freshly picked from the local vineyards located in Mount Etna, we bought a bottle of red wine and apricot jam to take back.
Afternoon/Evening we had our lunch outside at Belvedere D’Alcantara where it’s almost like looking at a landscape painting. We ordered our usual orders and stayed till’ it got darker and see other towns lit up.


Day 6-7 | 22-23/13
These two days was just another lazy break. The only thing that changed was that we tried different food and dessert orders, but it didn’t us stop exploring and getting a tan.


Day 8-9 | 24-25/13
Morning/Afternoon we decided to go to Toarmina again for the last time, so we explored as much places while we can. When we arrived first thing in our minds was of course was a nocciola gelato then grabbed some lunch (unfortunately can’t remember the name). Although the seafood linguine was really delicious. After a bit of touring we grabbed an unusual cheesy rice ball called arancini, apparently a Sicilian recipe only sold in Sicily. We wanted to see the Greek Theatre (sadly long que) so we ended up exploring the public gardens, which was called Giardini della Villa Comunale which was better since it felt like you’re part of a fairy tale. After we went down the hills to catch another final glimpse of Toarmina before making our way to the bus back to our hotel. 
The next day was a very chilled out day, we took our time to tan, eat, play app games and eat some more.


Day 10-11 | 26-27/13
Morning/Afternoon our last day in Sicily we took our last ever adventure up on the mountains and eat locally at one of our favourite restaurants for lunch and dinner as a last treat. After a few more souvenirs and food packing we head back to our room so we can get a early night as we needed to get up at 3am. We called our taxi from a well known person who helped us get back to the mountains when they were no transportations during the evenings. We arrived at Catania Airport an hour later and 6am we left Sicily back to London.

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| TOP THINGS IN 2013 |


☆ BOURNEMOUTH - After completing my final uni exam also with Liam & I’s 2nd anniversary approaching we decided to take a 3 day break to relax with the most needed - fish & chips by the pier.
☆ GRADUATION! - The day has finally arrived, I’am finally a graduate. The only thing I’ll ever miss was the freedom and the people who I shared it with.
☆ ATTACK ON TITAN - I have stopped watching anime for a long long long time, the only ones I’ve come close to watching was the old 90ish series, such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Beyblade. Liam introduced me to this series with some clips. Overall it made me reclaim everything that I loved about anime from the beginning.
☆ MUUBAA - Getting a job in a fashion industry was an accident, which turned out to be enjoyable. I’m planning to continue to work as a Production Assistant for a while until I’m ready to move forward. God knows what it’ll be, but it’s all coming together.
☆ SICILY, ITALY - We went to Sicily for a 10 night vacation on September. We stayed in a medieval city where Mount Etna was located. This was the first time we encountered no tourists. The food was beyond great, the gelato was to die for, home made wine is a must and our long mountain adventure trek to Toarmina.
☆ 2014 - Get a job with a better salary, be more creative, do a freelance design job, SAVE UP BIG!, go somewhere in Asia for the next holiday and get into my summer shorts again.

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| TOP THINGS IN 2012 |


@Luxor, Egypt - Liam and I exploring the temples.

☆ 3RD YEAR OF UNI - Thank god all the blood, sweat and tears. Can’t wait to get out of uni.
☆ SLR Canon 1100D - Liam got it for me as a birthday gift for my 23rd. It was the best present I’ve ever received.
☆ BIGBANG CONCERT - Finally get to see them LIVE!
☆ XMAS GRAND BALL - Last ball for the 3rd Years.
- A late summer vacation on December for 7 nights. Got to explore both Sharm and Luxor. So much history and love here.
☆ 2013 - Pass my degree, get a decent job, start saving BIG.